Season of Migration to the North

Name some of the items in Mustafa Sa'eed secret room

Season of migration to the north

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The secret room is a replica of a gentleman's drawing room in Britain. It contains a painting of his wife Jane, a book that is completely blank.


Season of Migration to the North

The four walls from floor to ceiling were filled, shelf upon shelf, with books. Books on economics, history, literature, zoology, geology, mathematics, astronomy, the Encyclopedia Britannica, Gibbon, Macaulay, Toynbee, the complete works of Bernard Shaw, the Koran in English, the Bible in English, the economics of colonialism by Mustafa Sa'eed, colonialism and monopoly by Mustafa Sa'eed, the rape of Africa by Mustafa Sa'eed...

A real English fireplace, two Victorian chairs, a large oil portrait signed by 'M. Sa'eed', photographs on the shelf...

Mustafa Sa'eed's secret room was a memorial of his own egoism.


Season of Migration to the North, by Tayeb Salih


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