Schindler's List

Piano scene interpretation?

I'm writing an essay about how sound and music in Schindler's List helps strengthen the movie's portrayal of the Holocaust and I want to write about the scene during the liquidation of the ghetto and an SS soldier is seen playing the piano and 2 other SS soldiers are standing at the doorway wondering if it's whether Bach or Mozart.

I was wondering how this scene has any significance to the movie, and what does it symbolize about the Holocaust

Thank you! Any information is helpful

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The scene shows the fact that the Nazi butchers at one point do have some humanity in that they can relate to something which is almost ethereal and heavenly. Prelude to Bach's English Suite #2 in A Minor - is what the soldier is playing. This music almost has a "transporting" effect because of its beauty. It provides a background for the liquidation of the ghetto which is haunting, sad, and truly sad in the context of the horror of the Holocaust.

I haven't seen the movie in a very long time, and this is primarily a literature site. None-the-less, music and the arts were especially appreciated by the Germans, particulary if the artist or musician was of German descent. This scene would also be important because it illustrates the way the Germans viewed the annihilation of millions of people...... they didn't. For them, these cold, calculated executions were a way to promote their own superior race. They did not see the people they murdered as human.