Scenes From a Marriage

In popular culture

Dallas and Knots Landing creator David Jacobs based the latter series on Scenes from a Marriage. It focused on four married couples whose marriages were in various stages: the newlyweds, the ideal couple, the couple whose marriage was in trouble, and the couple that had recently reconciled. The series ran from 1979 to 1993.

In the 1984 SCTV skit/commercial parody "Scenes from an Idiot's Marriage", Martin Short plays Jerry Lewis playing a writer who goes through a comedic version of Scenes from a Marriage, complete with pratfalls and constant mistakes in Swedish pronunciation (he constantly calls Sven Gunderblum "Sy Worthenson" when his wife (Andrea Martin) announces that she is divorcing him and gives him Gunderblum's name as her lawyer).

In 1991, Woody Allen co-starred in Paul Mazursky's Scenes from a Mall, a dark comedy about a deteriorating marriage. Allen's similarly realist film Husbands and Wives (1992) includes several nods to Scenes from a Marriage, including a wife who will not show her poetry to her husband.

In an April 2011 New York Times Opinionator article titled "Too Much Relationship Vérité", Virginia Heffernan compares An American Family to Scenes from a Marriage:

It’s now the future. And the 12-hour PBS time capsule, which will make a rare reappearance next week at the Paley Center in Manhattan and on some public-TV affiliates beginning Saturday, looks more like performance art than social science. Hammy stunts for the camera alternate with Bergman-esque staging. ("Scenes from a Marriage", Bergman’s fictional TV series, also appeared in 1973, in Sweden.)[3]

In June 2013, actor Ethan Hawke and director Richard Linklater said Scenes from a Marriage was the bar against which Before Midnight must be set.[4]

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