Romeo and Juliet

Who should be punished and what are four reasons?

At the end of the play the prince states that some will be punished and that others will be pardoned. Who should be punished and who should be pardoned between the Nurse, Friar Lawerence, or Lord and Lady Capulet? What are four reasons.

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This is a difficult question to respond to in such a short space. There is culpability with all the characters. You might consider the friar who, although his heart was in the right place, had a pretty inept plan. The nurse facilitated Juliet's union with Romeo which she knew could end up badly. Capulet was a headstrong jerk to his daughter. Lady Capulet was cold and indifferent to her daughter. R and J also bear responsibility for their impulsive love and actions. So, you really need to consider who bears the most responsibility for this tragedy. Most characters seem to share in the tragic flaws.