Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juilet examines the relationship between children and their mentors/parents? Discuss...

Please help me with finding some evidence to support

romeo - parents relationship

juilet - parents relationship

juolet - nurse relationship

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The nurse pretty much brought Juliet up. Woman of high social stature didn't spend time with their kids. The nurse was originally hired as a "wet nurse" so she could breast feed Juliet. The nurse is Juliet's closest confidant. In times of trouble, Juliet turns to the nurse first. Juliet is distant from her mother. Juliet's mother in fact doesn't really know how to speak of anything of substance with her own daughter. This is why she requests the nurse be present when she informs Juliet of Paris. Romeo does not spend a lot of time with his father. We don't see them together, that I recall, in the play. Romeo spends much of his time with friends and with his various obsessions with girls. Juliet had to be subservient to her father. She probably did not see him much but we get the sense that Capulet loved his only child, until she disobeys him, and Juliet was respectful towards him.