Romeo and Juliet

Paraphrase the poem ( one sentence for each stanza )

Poem ; The War against the Trees


This is not related to Romeo and Juliet but I did not know where too go for this . 

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Stanza One:

Bulldozers have arrived to tear up the lawn and text the soil at a home recently sold to gain oil rights.

Stanza Two:

The second stanza describes the bulldozers attack on the lawn as a war... the bulldozer is described as a tank raiding the yard and moving toward the trees (main enemy).

Stanza Three:

The trees are personified, as they buckle in subservience and die. They are described as kings falling to their knees during cereminious execution. 

Stanza Four:

The bodies are taken away in carts. 

Stanza Five:

The war zone is desecrated, the land destroyed, as war has left nothing behind except craters and bludgeoned earth. 


The War Against the Trees