Romeo and Juliet

Discuss the prologue and what you already know about the play. If you were Romeo and Juliet, would you follow love or stay loyal to your family and friends? Explain.


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The prologue gives a fairly short summary of the play "two houses, both alike, in fair Verona were we lay our scene." The lovers are "starcrossed" and, according to the prologue, die but then "bury their parents' strife." The prologue lets the audience get into the play and pay attention to what is coming up.

Most people understand the play to be about young impulsive love. They also know the two die in he end. The prologue tells us the whole play. This is a Shakespearean tragedy so we know most of the main characters end up dying. The interest is in how they get there. I would be inclined to stay with family. This wasn't a time and place in history where you could just elope and work in a gas station or something. Family wealth and connections were everything.