Romeo and Juliet

Compare/contrast Lady Capulet to Nurse.

Lady Capulet/Nurse

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Lady Capulet is a woman of nobility. She spends much of her time entertaining and just being rich. Juliet's care is left to the nurse. There is evidence that the nurse in fact breastfed Juliet. Her own baby having recently died, the nurse might have been hired for just that reason. Emotionally the nurse is devoted to Juliet, she loves gossip, a good joke and is quite loud. Really, she is a commoner that nurtures Juliet and tries to act in her best interest. L. Capulet is much more refined and distant. Her contact with Juliet is limited to formal discussions. Many would argue that L. Capulet is cold; indeed she washes her hands of Juliet when Father Capulet is angered, "I am done with thee...