Romeo and Juliet

Comare Romeo and Juliet and Westside Story?

what's the difference between the marriage between the two stories? (The bridal shop and church with Friar Laurence)

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Both stories involve feuding between families. In R $J I'm not sure if their values are really different but they do hate each other. In both stories there the deaths of young people because they believed their love would overcome the hostilities. Both weddings have a surreal element to them. At the bridal shop Tony and Maria dream about a wedding and Romeo and Juliet have a secret wedding at the Friar’s church. Both unions speak of forbidden love and there is a reckless element to them as well.

thank you. could you specifically differentiate the bridal shop scene and the church scene though?

I'm not totally clear on the bridal scene. I remember Tony and Maria dream about getting married and sing the song "Tonight". Like R&J there is a dreamlike element of unreality to it. I think that would be the main theme I would go after.