Romeo and Juliet

Choose two characters and explain how their rash actions in ACT 3 have resulted in problems for Romeo and/or Juliet.

Rash or hasty decisions are starting to play a role in the outcome of events in the play. Provide examples of other actions they could have taken.

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Romeo's rash intervention between Mercutio's and Tybalt's fight ultimately caused both of their deaths. Romeo might have come forth with the truth, or at least tried to stop the fight without physically putting his friend in danger.

Lord Capulet's insistance that his daughter be married within the week pushes Juliet over the edge. Juliet might have acted a little less obstinate and attempted to assauge and change her father's mind through reason rather than act like a child (remember, Juliet is really a child) throwing a tantrum and challenging her father's dictate.