Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

write a small note on wallace store? no descriptio only a note on what is Wallace store?

hi friends plz help me

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From the text, you can summarize this paragraph in order to formulate your note on the Wallace store. Wallace's store is a little bit of everything; people shop, drink, smoke, and fight, all in the same place.

"The Wallace store stood almost a half mile beyond Jefferson Davis, on a triangular lot that faced the Soldiers Bridge crossroads. Once the Granger plantation store, it had been run by the Wallaces for as long as I could remember, and most of the people within the forty-mile stretch between Smellings Creek and Strawberry shopped there. The other three corners of the crossroads were forest land, black and dense. The store consisted of a small building with a gas pump in front and a storage house in back. Beyond the store, against the forest edge, were two gray clapboard houses and a small garden. But there were no fields; the Wallaces did not farm."


Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry