Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

describe stacey . what are his value (what is important to him?and what thing does he do do in chapter to show this? explain his code " code of honor" would you handle the problem with tj the samw way?

roll of thunder hear my cry

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Stacey Logan

At twelve years old Stacey is on the brink of adulthood. As the oldest child, he bosses his brothers and sister around and is the leader of their small group. He is old enough to disobey his parents but not old enough to fully appreciate the consequences of doing so. His dawning awareness of racism leads him to make difficult choices, like pushing away his white friend Jeremy. In the end, he proves his bravery and loyalty by risking danger and by attempting to help his estranged friend, TJ. He also uses his ingenuity to protest against injustice. For example, it is his idea to build a trench in the rain-filled road to stall the white children's school bus.

You have not cited a chapter number to accompany your question.