Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

describe big mama and mama. describe the significance of their actions by simply putting down quotes to support this response. i am looking for a better way to write this book report. due tuesday. (next tuesday)


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Mama is a strong nurturing lady,

"Then she wound each braid into a flat chignon against my head. My hair was too thick and long for me to do it well myself, but Mama could do it perfectly. I figured I looked my very best that way. " (ch.6)

Mama is educated and knows that the racist textbooks are not always true,

"all that's in that book isn't true" (Ch 8)

Big Ma is proud of her family and proud of the land her husband secured.

"Now all the boys I got is my baby boys, your papa and your Uncle Hammer, and this they place as much as it is mine. They blood’s in this land, and here that Harlan Granger always talkin’ ‘bout buyin’ it....He don’t know nothin’ ‘bout me or this land, he think I’m gonna sell!”

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