Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Chapters 7-9 please answer!

1. How does Uncle Hammer handle this situation (involving Stacey’s coat), and why do you think he does this—is it because he’s a mean person? What experiences might you guess Hammer has had to make him so wary of being taken advantage of by others?

2. Why does Mr. Jameson decide to help the African American people buy their food and
supplies in Vicksburg? How could that have been a dangerous decision for him?

3. Why does Cassie start acting like a servant for Lillian Jean? Would you do the same thing if
you were Cassie? What would you do differently? Explain.

4. What do you think is the real reason Kaleb Wallace and Harlan Granger have Mrs. Logan

5. What measure taken by the white landowners, and what threat made by the Wallaces, make
Mr. Avery, Mr. Lanier, and others withdraw from the plan to shop in Vicksburg?

6. Why does Mr. Logan insist on taking Stacey with him to Vicksburg, and why does Mrs.
Logan object?

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2) Mr. Jamison agrees to put up the credit for a group of black families to shop in Vicksburg and says that not all white Southerners feel the same way as the Grangers. Nonetheless, he reminds the Logans that the Wallace store is on Granger land and that Harland Granger lives in the past. By putting up the credit that allows the black families to boycott the Wallace Store, Mr. Jamison is putting himself and his own family in danger.

Pease ask your questions separately.