Robinson Crusoe

Why is Robinson Crusoe popular?

give the account of popularity of robison crusoe


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The popularity of Robinson hasn't wained since its publication in 1719, and its author, Daniel Defoe was and is one of the greatest authors who ever lived. Robinson Crusoe has everything an adventure novel needs and more. You've got big ships, piracy, slavery, trade, isolation, and uninhabited islands. The main character, Crusoe, experiences wealth, poverty, danger, isolation, the subordinate position of slavery, and a very long and arduous life as a cast-away. We see his isolation and loneliness first-hand, and we see the relationship built between Crusoe and Friday from its inception. Robinson Crusoe also examines morality and a test of faith, survival, and the ability of man to rise above his circumstance. As an adventure novel, it doesn't get better than this!