Rip Van Winkle and Other Stories

What was Von starkenfaust's original purpose in visiting the barons castle

From the spectre bridegroom

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Count Van Altenburg, meanwhile, was on his way to the castle when he ran into a former companion in the army, Herman Von Starkenfaust, who was just returning from the army to his father’s castle. The Von Starkenfaust castle was not far from Baron Von Landshort’s. On their way, the two young men were attacked by a gang of robbers, and they were about to be overpowered when the Count’s retinue arrived and scared off the robbers. They were too late, however, to prevent a fatal wound to the Count. About to die, the Count made Von Starkenfaust promise to go to the castle and tell his betrothed what happened. Von Starkenfaust agreed but felt a little awkward delivering the bad news to a rival castle. Please check out the GradeSaver link to this below: