Rifles for Watie

Main characters

  • Jefferson (Jeff) Davis Bussey – the protagonist. Originally an infantry private but later his whole company is trained as cavalrymen. After a long secret mission and daring escape he is promoted to sergeant and sent home.
  • Lucy Washbourne – Jeff's love interest, a young woman living in Tahlequah, Oklahoma (then Indian Territory)
  • Lee Washbourne – Lucy's brother, a Confederate soldier and scout. Killed by a firing squad in which Jeff unknowingly took a part. Jeff, however, did not shoot and did not realize that it was Lee, whom he had heard about from Lucy and Mrs. Washbourne, until he saw Lee's namaved on his watch.
  • Noah Babbitt – an itinerant printer, older than Jeff, and a Union soldier and a lover of nature.
  • Stand Watie – historical character, the last Confederate general to surrender at the war's end. His forces are described as " using old British one shot Enfield's and double barrel shotguns." The use of Spencer repeaters could mean a victory againlunt]] – historical character, Union general who battled to control Indian Territory.
  • David Gardner – Jeff's hometown friend who joins the Union Army with him.
  • John Chadwick – Another of Jeff's hometown friends who joins the Union Army with him.
  • Captain Asa Clardy – Jeff's commanding officer in the Union Army, and a major antagonist against Jeff. He is the one smuggling the Spencer Rifles to the Rebels. Eventually found killed and exposed postmortem as a traitor.
  • Heifer Hobbs – company cook and mentor for Jeff in the rebel army of Stand Watie.He stands up for Jeff when Sergent Fields accuses Jeff of being a Union spy.
  • Bill Earle – A friend Jeff made in the war, on the Union side
  • Stuart Mitchell - A union friend of Jeff who was captured be Waite's men and later escaped.He now hates Watie's men
  • Pete Millholland – One of Jeff's sergeants. He's killed by Rebels while cooking supper in Choctaw country
  • Jimmy - The 14-year-old drummer boy for the Union army. He is critically injured and later dies
  • Edith Bussey - Jeff's Mom
  • Emory Bussey - Jeff's father
  • Ring - Jeff's dog in Kansas
  • Dixie - A dog owned by a rebel who is killed at The battle Wilsons Creek.Jeff befriends her and keeps her,later leaving her with Lucy Washbourne.
  • Keegan - A commander for the Confederates.
  • Lieutenant Orff - Commander of the scout platoon that Jeff and Noah join after becoming cavalrymen. Carries a Spencer 7 shot rifle.
  • Sully - A "blood hound" that is supposed to be hunting Jeff when he befriends him. Sully also looks very sad and ugly.
  • Sergeant Fields - NCO for the company of Confederate cavalry Jeff joins.
  • Jim Bostwick - a scout that Jeff works with. Killed in a battle while posing as a Confederate.
  • Sparrow - the chef at the army camp. Killed by Clardy after telling Jeff a secret about him.

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