Richard III


House of York

  • King Edward IV – king of England
  • Richard, Duke of Gloucester – brother to Edward IV; later King Richard III
  • George, Duke of Clarence – Edward IV's brother
  • Duchess of York – Edward, Richard and George's mother
  • Edward, Prince of Wales – Edward IV's eldest son; later King Edward V (never crowned)
  • Richard, Duke of York – Edward IV's younger son
  • Boy – George's son
  • Girl – George's daughter

House of Lancaster

  • Queen Margaret – widow of King Henry VI
  • Ghost of King Henry VI
  • Ghost of Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales – Henry VI's son
  • Lady Anne Neville – widow of Edward of Westminster; later Queen to King Richard III
  • Tressel and Berkeley – Lady Anne's attendants (non-speaking roles)

Woodville family

  • Queen Elizabeth – Queen to King Edward IV
  • Earl Rivers – Elizabeth's brother
  • Marquis of Dorset – Elizabeth's son (from a previous marriage)
  • Lord Richard Grey – Elizabeth's son (from a previous marriage)
  • Sir Thomas Vaughan – ally of Rivers and Grey

Richard III's group

  • Duke of Buckingham
  • Sir William Catesby
  • Duke of Norfolk
  • Earl of Surrey[a] – Norfolk's son
  • Sir Richard Ratcliffe
  • Sir James Tyrrell – assassin
  • Lord Lovel[b]
  • Two Murderers
  • Richard's page

Earl of Richmond's group

  • Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond – Henry VI's nephew; later King Henry VII
  • Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby – Richmond's stepfather
  • Earl of Oxford[c]
  • Sir Walter Herbert[d]
  • Sir James Blunt[e]
  • Sir William Brandon – Richmond's standard-bearer (non-speaking role)


  • Archbishop of Canterbury[f]
  • Archbishop of York[g]
  • Bishop of Ely
  • Sir Christopher – chaplain of Stanley's household
  • John – priest

Other Characters

  • Lord Hastings – Lord Chamberlain under Edward IV
  • Sir Robert Brackenbury – Lieutenant of the Tower
  • Lord Mayor of London
  • Scrivener
  • Keeper of the Tower[h]
  • Three Citizens
  • Hastings – pursuivant[i]
  • Sheriff of Wiltshire[j]
  • Ghosts of Clarence, Rivers, Grey, Vaughan, Edward (Prince of Wales), Richard (Duke of York), Hastings, Lady Anne and Buckingham
  • Lords, Messengers, Soldiers etc.


  • Although they do not appear in the text of the play, many productions include as on-stage characters Jane Shore (Edward IV's mistress), Elizabeth of York (Edward IV's daughter, later queen consort to Richmond (Henry VII)), and George Stanley (Lord Stanley's son, who is held hostage by Richard prior to the Battle of Bosworth Field)

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