Rashomon Character List

"In a Grove"

· Tajomaru – notorious brigand

· Takehiko – husband and murdered man

· Masago – violated wife


· “A servant of a samurai” – a man between a life of thievery and death

· “old woman” – a woman who collects hair from corpses to create wigs

"Yam Gruel"

· Goi – a red-nosed Samurai with a taste for yam gruel

· Toshihito – a wealthy and pitying samurai with a nasty side

· “the fox” – a fox with magical powers of transformation

· Arihito – Toshihito’s father-in-law

"The Martyr"

· Lorenzo – the martyr; an orphan brought up by the Jesuit missionaries

· Simeon – the dear friend of Lorenzo, who affirms his excommunication

· Father Superior – the leader of the Church of Santa Lucia, whose faith wanes

· The Umbrella-Maker’s Daughter – the woman who accuses Lorenzo of impregnating her

"Kesa and Morito"

· Kesa – the woman who decides to disguise herself as Wataru

· Morito – the man who has an affair with Kesa and must murder Wataru

· Wataru – Kesa’s husband

"The Dragon"

· Uji Dainagon Takakuni – the Chief Councilor of State who wants to create a storybook

· Old potter – the man who tells the story of Hanazō

· Ohana-no Kurodo Tokugyo (a.k.a. Hanazō) – the large-nosed priest who posts a sign about the coming of a dragon

· Emon – an arrogant priest who changes his opinion about the legitimacy of the post

· Hanazō’s Aunt – a priestess from Sakurai that comes to stay with Hanazō to see the dragon