Ragged Dick Background

Ragged Dick Background

Alger Horatio is an American writer and an author of more than one hundred books about boys. The first of them is called “Ragged Dick” and was published in 1867. The plot of this book is the author’s beloved topic. A poor boy tending to financial achievement succeeds with the help of courage, fortune and virtues. The Alger’s heroes are honest and noble ragged fellow. They are instantly liked by readers. The story of their lives and the fight with the circumstances is a vivid example for young readers of a way to achieve the aims and to have rational attitude to life.

Alger was the priest in a small town. He wrote several works, which didn’t really succeed. But by the age of 34, he has experienced with the vital failure and went to New-York. There he wrote his first bestseller “Ragged Dick”.

There, in New-York, he took the shelter for homeless. There were always only boys, he took care of them selflessly and sometimes with hazard for himself.

Dick, as all the heroes of the Alger’s novels, is a self-made person, who thanks to hard work, abilities and opportunities of American society becomes a successful businessman and millionaire. In the beginning Dick is an ordinary street boy, who is a ragged and homeless child. However, an aged benefactor is appeared on his way in difficult moment of boy’s life. He lends a helping hand in pursuance for the Christian covenant. This is a standard Alger’s plot in this drafting of a mature man to a strange boy, out of which gratitude and love appears as a response.

The Alger’s books were very popular in the end of the XIX century.