What concerns do Colonel Pickering and Mrs. Pearce (Higgins' housekeeper) raise about Higgins' scheme to educate Eliza? How does he respond to their concerns?

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Mrs. Pearce believes Eliza's presence in the home to be inappropriate. She also thinks that Eliza might have ideas about Higgins.... romantic ideas..... that she might get hurt. Pearce also questions Eliza's place...... will she receive wages, and what will happen when the experiment is over.

Pickering is excited over the prospect of Higgins educating Eliza, and even goes so far as to offer payment for her lessons. Pickering is also concerned about Eliza's emotional well being, as Higgins isn't the most endearing of characters. In addition, he warns Higgins that he must be upfront with Eliza and certain that she is fully aware of what the experiment entails. He even asks Higgins point blank if he's "a man of good character where women are concerned?"