Swearing is apart of of Liza's vocabulary because this is what she has always heard around her. Higgins alson uses a particularly British form of invective, which Mrs. Pearce alludes to(51). Liza is low and common when she swears. What about Higgins?

The word is "bloody" but how does he use it in a upperclassmen usage?

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The word "bloody" is used by both characters....... Liza of course has been around this word her entire life and thinks nothing of its use (I can think of many off color words my students use today that just flow out of their mouths without thought). Higgins, on the other hand, knows the difference. His use of the word comes from anger and frustration.

Mrs. Pearce alludes yo the use of this work, his anger, and his bad habits in regard to his desire to "change" Liza....... she throws it back at him and challenges him to change himself.