How does Alfred Doolittle's transformation into a married gentleman reflect on the exploration of class?

please explain

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Doolittle's transformation, unlike Eliza's, has nothing to do with linguistics, manners, proper clothing, or comportment..... it has to do with money. Doolittle and his daughter, Eliza, are each transformed.... one of them willingly..... the other unwillingly. Doolittle wishes for nothing more than to return to who and what he was..... Eliza knows that her own transformation comes from the inside..... she can never again be what she once was. Thus, we see that Doolittle's money has subsequently changed the way he is seen, regardless of social class. Eliza's marriage to Freddy, which would have been unheard of (a wealthy young man and a flower girl) is suddenly seen in a different light. Eliza and her father have both conquered the upper class.