1.Higgins is shocked about Eliza when she stood up to him. (Right after the party, at night). If Higgins believed that he was the Pygmalion from the Greek myth "Pygmalion", what does he seem not consider at all about his creation?

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2. What would the constable reflect on the "vanity of human hopes" after interfering Eliza and Freddy?

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2) The constable stumbles upon Freddie and Eliza embracing, just after they become engaged. He was rather startled at the display of affection (something that rarely startles us today), and his reflection would probably have been his own previous dreams and hopes for love and marriage.

1) Higgins always seems to forget that Eliza has a very strong personality of her own.... she dictates her own life and cooperates because she wants to. Higgins forgets that she isn't required to..... he doesn't consider that she is an individual and does not belong to him.