Prometheus Bound

Memorable lines

  • 39: τὸ συγγενές τοι δεινὸν ἥ θ' ὁμιλία (to sungenes toi deinon he th'omilia), "Kinship and companionship are terrible things."
  • 78: ὅμοια μορφῇ γλῶσσά σου γηρύεται (homoia morphei glossa sou geruetai), "Your speech and your appearance – both alike."
  • 250: τυφλὰς ἐν αὐτοῖς ἐλπίδας κατῴκισα (tuphlas in autois elpidas katoikisa), "I established in them blind hopes."
  • 387: σαφῶς μ᾽ ἐς οἶκον σὸς λόγος στέλλει πάλιν (saphos m'es oikon sos logos stellei palin), "Your speech returns me clearly home."

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