Pride and Prejudice

why do you think that pride and prejudice has remained such a popular novel today , more than 200 years after it was written ?

pride and prejudice by jane adams

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Pride and Prejudice has remained a popular and well loved novels for more than 200 years because of its fairy tale like qualities and its foray into romantic comedy. The story allows us to cheer for the heroine and embrace her success; it also allows us laughter and possibly a few tears.

In retrospect, Pride and Prejudice is also a story of empowerment, the knowledge that we control our own destiny. It shows us that many people enjoy the rewards of birth and circumstance, but it also makes us aware that there are times when our circumstances change dramatically, and that we have to be able to shift and change with circumstances to survive. In essence, the novel has as much appeal today as when it was written because its message is in fact timeless; we make our own destinies, we re-invent ourselves and change accordingly (if we don't we're in trouble), and most importantly, hard work is rewarded.


Pride and Prejudice