Pride and Prejudice

what was mrs.bennets reactionwhen elizabeth announced he his engagement

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The reactions of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet to the news of Elizabeth's engagement are completely in character. Mr. Bennet wants to be sure that Elizabeth is really marrying for love, knowing that his daughter will be miserable in a marriage if she does not genuinely regard and esteem her husband. He does now want Elizabeth to end up as he did, with a spouse completely unsuited to his personality.

Mrs. Bennet's reaction is of course a happy one. Her desire throughout the novel has been only to get her daughters to be married as quickly as possible. All of her former hatred for Darcy immediately disappears, and she is proud that Elizabeth has managed to capture such an extremely wealthy man. Mrs. Bennet, unlike Mr. Bennet, Elizabeth and Jane, views marriage simply as a means to the acquisition of wealth and material comfort