Pride and Prejudice

Was Jane Austen NOT a feminist?

Argue for that she is not a feminist.

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Feminism was not even a term in the Victorian era so no, Austen was not a feminist. Some of her ideas challenged the patriarchal views of women but I would not think she fit into the very broad definition of what a feminist is today.

What is the definition of feminism today and why does not Austen fits to the idea?

Fenimism? What do you think Gia? What do you think fenimism is today?

The definition is pretty broad. Although Elizabeth demanded respect from men, she still relied on them economically. She still wanted to marry "well" and gain social stature through her husband's name. Feminists today would, as far as I know, not even consider being validated economically or socially simply by the merits of the man that becomes their partner.

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