Pride and Prejudice

volume III chapter 8, Does Mr. Bennets reflectons at the begining of the chapter show him to be a dynamic charecter? Why or why not?

does he show to be a dynamic charecter? why

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In Chapter Eight, Mr. Bennet is determined to find out how much Mr. Gardiner has paid Wickham so that the can pay him back. Mrs. Bennet, however, spends the entire evening talking about wedding plans and suitable houses in the neighborhood for Lydia and Wickham. Mr. Bennet informs her that he will not receive the couple at Longbourn, nor will he give Lydia money for wedding clothes. Mrs. Bennet is more disgraced by her daughter's lack of new wedding clothes than she is by Lydia's elopement.

As you can see, Mr. Bennet finally steps up to the plate and makes his feelings known. We've known all along that there was a limit to his patience (with his wife), and that Mr. Bennet has some pride of his own. We have to give him some credit for expecting more of his daughter (Lydia) than he's been getting, as well as his wife, who seems to see nothing wrong with the blunder her daughter has made. Hooray for Dad!