Pride and Prejudice

Questions about Chapters 37-43... please help

I need to double check these...

1. How do Elizabeth's comments about Darcy at dinner cause Wickham concern?

2.What does the author reveal in chapter 19 about the nature of the Bennet marriage?

3.What accounts for Darcy's civil behavior toward Elizabeth and the Gardiners?

4.How does this affect Elizabeth? ^

5. What does Lydia risk by eloping with Wickham?

6. How might Mr. Bennet's earlier actions have prevented this scandal? Is Mr. Bennet responsible for his youngest daughter's behavior?

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Can you please ask these separately? I'll take your first one. Elizabeth is quite outraged at how she thinks Mr. Darcy has treated Wickham. She thinks Mr. Darcy should be punished for his behavior. Wickham gets nervous knowing that he had lied to Elizabeth. He didn't expect Elizabeth to be so vocal about the "injustices" done to him.