Pride and Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice Discussion Questions

1. Most of Jane Austen’s novels focus on the education or growing up of a

young woman. What does Lizzie learn and how does she change in the course

of the novel?

2. To what extent is prejudice, which in Austen’s society and time meant class

snobbery, important to the plot of the novel?

3. Which characters would you classify as proud? Which would you classify as

prejudiced? Do any of these characters change? If so, what makes them


4.Look closely at social expectations—trace the several dinners, balls, and

public gatherings, and notice how people should or shouldn’t behave in

public; that is, find examples of people behaving correctly and of people

behaving incorrectly. How different is it today?

I need textual evidence

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When we first meet Lizzie she is playful and fun loving. She has a great sense of humor and is very witty, although she tends to make snap judgments and occasionally listens to and believes idle gossip. Unfortunately, her wit often has a negative effect on others. The most important thing Lizzie learns during the course of the novel is that she isn't always right, she learns that she sometimes needs to put away her own pride in order to see people as they really are. Her own pride interfered with and affected her relationship with Darcy. She was in fact guilty of most of the things she accused him of. As Lizzie matured, she came to understand that she wasn't always right.... once she's able to do that..... things start to go right.

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