Pride and Prejudice

Please help me out with The Moonstone questions???

1. The speaker or teller of the story is:

A. the falling action

B. the narrator

C. a confidant

D. a character

2. Penelope thinks that Godfrey Ablewhite is:

A. gifted

B. "the most accomplished philanthropist"

C. nasty and slick

D. wonderful and dreamy

3. Gabriel Betteredge's use of the novem Robinson Crusoe parallels Miss Clack's use of:

A. religious tracts

B. newspapers

C. her diary

D. the Moonstone

4. When Sergeant Cuff talks out his ideas to Mr. Betteredge, he is treating Betteredge as a

A. servant

B. confidant

C. suspect

D. protagonist

5. The opium experiment is a:

A. complete failure

B. complete success

C. reenactment of the crime

D. clue to lead the sergeant to the real thief

6. After his first few minutes of conversation with Ezra Jennings, Blake thinks that Jennings is:

A. a gentleman

B. a scoundrel

C. an excellent doctor

D. a wonderful policeman

7. Sergeant Cuff tells Blake that Gooseberry will do great things as a:

A. thief

B. lawyer

C. pawnbroker

D. police detective

8. Sergeant Cuff makes Lady Verinder:

A. nervous

B. completely at ease

C. three predictions

9. Miss Clack is a:

A. third person limited narrator

B. third person objective narrarator

C. objective narrarator

D. first person limited narrarator

10. Wilkie Collins, author, describes the effects of opium based on:

A. his friends' diaries

B. his own experiences

C. medical journals

D. his imagination


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1) Narrator

2) "the most accomplished philanthropist"

3) religious tracts (?)

4) suspect

5) reenactment of the crime



7) police detective

8) nervous

9) third person limited

10) his own experiences