Pride and Prejudice

Lydia and Wickham pose a danger to the Bennet family as long as they are unmarried and unchecked?

As an Omani student i can relate Pride and Prejudice to our omani society on marriage and feminine issues,In Pride and Prejudice marriage serves many functions. It is a romantic union, a financial merger, and a vehicle for social regulation. Scholar and writer Mary Poovey said that Austen's goal "is to make propriety and romantic desire absolutely congruent."Think about all the marriages in the book with respect to how well they are fulfilling those functions.Is marriage today still an institution of social regulation?

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Marriage today? I would hardly describe it as socially regulated, at least not here in the United States. As generations pass, many things about marriage have changed............... I don't believe in arranged marriages, but I do believe in the sanctity of marriage. You should write about marriage in your culture; I'd be very interested.

What social, financial, and romantic functions does marriage serve in the world of this novel?


pride and prejudice