Poe's Poetry

Paraphrase this is about the poem THE RAVEN

1. Wish the morrow to see her

2. Lenore was a radiant maiden

3. The rustling of the curtain scared me

4. She entreated to be loved by her father

5. I implored her forgiveness

6. Food was scarce in his house

7. She flung the shutters during the storm

8. The bird fluttered around her hair

9. He lives in a stately mansion

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1.Wants her to see the next day

2. Leonore was really hot (Beautiful unmarried girl)

3. Sound of curtain shaking scared me

4. she really wanted to be loved by her father.

5. I really asked, almost begged, her forgiveness

6. Not much food in the house

7. She threw the shutters (open or closed) during a storm

8. Birds flew around her air

9. He lives in a really nice mansion