Plain Truth

Characters in Plain Truth

  • Ellie Hathaway, a 39-year-old lawyer. Katie is distantly related to her through their aunt.
  • Katie Fisher, an unmarried 18-year-old Amish farm girl. She is the main focus of the story. After having a baby later found dead, she pushes it from her mind and is accused of murdering him.
  • Coop, Ellie's ex-boyfriend, a psychiatrist and the father of Ellie's unborn child.
  • Jacob Fisher, Katie's older brother. He was excommunicated from his church for continuing schooling and giving up his Amish ways.
  • Aaron Fisher, Katie's father. He owns the dairy farm. He is extremely rigid in his views on his religion, not wanting to do anything to go against it whatsoever.
  • Sarah Fisher, Katie's mother. She truly loves her children, and would do anything for them, though she must follow her husband's belief system in order not to go against the church.
  • Adam Sinclair, a friend of Jacob's in college, the father of Katie's baby.
  • Samuel Stoltzfus, an Amish boy who works for Aaron Fisher. He is Katie's boyfriend, and deeply loves her.
  • Leda, Katie's aunt and Sarah Fisher's sister who was once excommunicated and now serves as the Fishers' confidant (Except for Aaron Fisher).

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