Pippi Longstocking


Pippi has been described as "the strongest girl in the world", but no explanation is given for her strength. Pippi's strength amazes and confounds people, including the children, though they eventually begin to take it in stride. Pippi herself makes no mention of her extraordinary strength, though she is obviously aware of it. She is not at all violent, and when circumstances require her to protect herself or others, she usually takes great care not to hurt anyone. This is seen in the first book, when she neutralizes five large bullies singlehandedly, and also when she engages two policemen, who were determined to take her to an orphanage against her will, in a game of tag.

She is also seen in the various Pippi Longstocking movies picking up a horse (the books often mention Pippi moving her horse Old Man by carrying him from one place to another), a car, and weights/barbells weighing over 1,000 pounds; she also pulls bars out of a jail window and throws pirates across a room.

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