Philosophical Fragments


Kierkegaard always wrote a preface signed by the name of the pseudonymous author he was using. He began this practice with his unpublished book Johannes Climacus and continued it throughout his writing career. However, he added his own name as the person responsible for publication of Philosophical Fragments, Concluding Unscientific Postscript, The Sickness Unto Death and Practice in Christianity. He also wrote many discourses which he signed with his own name. He began that practice with the writing of Two Upbuilding Discourses in 1843. He divides his book into five major sections

  • A Project of Thought
  • The God as Teacher and Savior: An Essay of the Imagination
  • The Absolute Paradox of the Offended Christian
    • Appendix: The Paradox and the Offended Consciousness
  • The Case of the Contemporary Disciple
    • Interlude
  • The Disciple at Second Hand

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