Socrates classifies Eros as a form of devine madness in section 244A. what are the other 3 types of devine madness that he describes in 244B-245B? What are their benefits? What is the benefit of Eros?

This philosophy stuff is confusing!

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(1) The madness that accompanies the work of the prophetesses of Delphi and the priestesses of Dodona, or prophets in general. (The speaker conflates the two similar but unrelated words for "madness" and "prophecy"—manike and mantike.) This madness guides entire cities as well as individuals.

(2) The madness that consoles or provides relief to those in hardship, which can occur in the form of prophecies, prayers, mystic rites, and consequent purification.

(3) The madness from the Muses, which awakens the soul to “a Bacchic frenzy of songs and poetry” (245a).

(4) Love is the fourth kind of madness

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