Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

what is the most important evevts in the story persepolis the story of a childhood

the most important for a timeline

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Cultural revolution: Fire started by the Shah, and the resulting demonstration against it.

Mehri: Marjane brings her maid, Mehri, to demonstrations. After finding out, Marjane's mother is furious at her dangerous actions.

Shah: After the Shah retreats to the US, many people in the revolution are imprisoned and/or killed--including several of Marjane's friends.

God: Marjane abandons her "imaginary God friend" after learning about her uncle Anoosh's death.

War: The US embassy is overthrown and religious leaders destroy all the secular curriculum in school. Marjane's aunt is frightened after hearing a bombing raid, so she hands her baby to her and runs away.

Western-bound: Marjane's parents leave for Turkey after the borders are opened again. Then, when Marjane is of age, her parents send her to Austria so that she can study at a French school. Marjane looks back one last time to see her mother faint into her father's arms.