Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

In what ways is Persepolis both telling a story and commenting on the importance of stories in our lives? What does the book suggest about how stories shape and give meaning to our experience?

Can someone suggest me some ideas about this question?

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Persepolis deals with several stories from many different characters that come together through Marjane. So basically there are stories beneath the main story.

Marjane ends up learning from herself and others this ultimately helps her to find her identity.

Uncle Anoosh: he died for something that he believe on.

The grandparent also.

Niloufar was executed for being involved with something that was illegal bu that still it was not her fault.

The book is told through flashbacks therefore combining past and present.

Her life was greatly influenced by the iranian revolution and its aftermath.

Maryjane learns to find herself through others and she learns to write her own life story through the stories of others.