Our Town

Match these -.-

1. Everyone has troubles.

2. All people were meant to get married.

3. gives George the advice his own father gave him on marriage

4. laments that girls are unprepared for marriage

5. expresses the need for love

6. expresses the search for happiness

Mrs. Soames

Mrs. Webb

Mrs. Gibbs

Mr. Webb

Dr. Gibbs


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1) "They'll have a lot of troubles, I suppose, but that's none of our business.

Everybody has a right to their own troubles." Doctor Gibbs


3) George, I was thinking the other night of some advice my father gave me when I got married. Charles, he said, Charles, start out early showing who's boss, he said. Best thing to do is to give an order, even if it don't make sense; just so she'll learn to obey. And he said: if anything about your wife irritates you…her conversation, or anything…just get up and leave the house. That'll make it clear to her, he said. And, oh, yes! he said never, never let your wife know how much money you have, never." Mr. Webb

4) "It came over me at breakfast this morning; there was Emily eating her

breakfast as she's done for seventeen years and now she's going off to eat it in

someone else's house. Oh, I've got to say it: you know, there's something

downright cruel about sending our girls out into marriage this way. I hope

some of her girl friends have told her a thing or two. It's cruel, I know, but I

couldn't bring myself to say anything. I went into it blind as a bat myself."

Mrs. Webb

5) Emily


Our Town