Oryx and Crake

Traumatic experience of Jimmy. How does his own, small traumatic experiences somehow shape him (infer to how he chooses the name Snowman *hailstorm and how it wipes out everything)

How do these play an important role in foreshadowing future events
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Throughout Atwood's text, there is a distinct division between before the release of the virus and after. This dichotomy in the plot is presented through the renaming of various characters in the novel. The renaming is symbolic as it tracks the enormous changes that have happened in the world. The protagonist of the book, Jimmy/Snowman, provides an excellent example of the transformation symbolized by a name change.The time and circumstances under which Jimmy became Snowman should be mentioned, i.e. upon meeting the Crakers the first time after the pandemic. The role of the pandemic in changing Jimmy's world should be addressed, as should the deaths of his best friend and lover. The increasing dependency on genetically spliced sources of food and medicine and the strengthening of the God's Gardener movement are also relevant to the shifts happening in the world.