Oryx and Crake

About how far into the future is the setting of Snowman's world occurring?

Answer must have strong and relevant evidence from the text.

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We are never really told exactly when in the future we find Snowman. The novel begins after the collapse of civilization by an event that is not immediately identified. WE later find out what killed off society but we are given few hints as to when. I don't think it was in the far off future because many of the conventions from our world (trains, tv....) are still in use. Atwood's dystopian novels are all in the future but borrow heavily from dark trends from our present society. In this case ideas surrounding genetic manipulation for profit, desensitized hunger for pornography and violence....play a part in her not so distant future.

JUst to clarify, The conventions of society like trains, tv... are still in use in Jimmy's world. I don't get the sense that Snowman's world is long after.