Orlando Quotes


"It was Orlando's fault perhaps; yet after all, are we to blame him? The age was the Elizabethan; their morals were not ours..."

The narrator

Through this quote, the narrator tries to convince the reader that maybe Orlando’s actions are should not be harshly judged and that we, as readers, have no right to blame him for his actions. In the light of this quote, it is clear that the narrator is not impartial, but rather tries to convince the reader to like Orlando. Through this, the writer tries to make the reader realize that sometimes, when we believe something to be true, there is always the possibility that what we believe are not our ideas but rather something that someone made us believe. The biographies that we may consider as being impartial, can actually be the opinion that someone has about somebody and that opinion may become ours as well if we are not careful.

"I am growing up. I am losing my illusions perhaps to acquire new ones."


In chapter four, Orlando gives up writing for a short period of time, considering that maybe it is better to give up her illusions. Her apparent adversity towards literature is a stepping stone in her maturation process and it marks the beginning of a period when she is unable to feel accepted by the society she live in. But her state is not permanent and soon, she acquires new passions and finds her true calling.

"I have found my mate. It is the moor. I am nature's bride."


In the fifth chapter, Orlando thinks about the fact that every woman has to get married, especially in the Victorian time. As she puts it, not every female wants to get married, but they do it anyway because this is the custom and this is what everybody does. But Orlando realizes quickly that she doesn’t connect with people as other do. Instead, she notices that she resonates better with nature and with what is wild and can’t be controlled by humans. Because of this, for her, the moor is the perfect mate because it represents everything that Orlando wants to be.

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