Once Upon a Time

lines 99-110:which words in these lines appeal to certain senses ? what does the writer express about the neighborhood alarms in her use of sensory language?

at night , as it customarily had done , it set off the alarm keening through the house.

the alarm was often answered-it seemed-by other buglar alarms, in other houses, that had been triggered by pet cats or nibbling mice.

the alarms called to one another across the garden in shrills and bleats and wails that everyone soon became accustomed to, so that the din roused the inhabitants of the suburb no more than the croak of frogs and musical grating of cicadas' legs. Under cover of the electronic harpies' discourse intruders sawed the iron bars and broke into homes, taking away hi-fi equipment, television sets, cassette players, cameras and radios, jewelry and clothing, and sometimes were hungry enough to devour everything in the refrigerator or paused audaciously to drink the whiskey in the cabinets or patio bars.

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riggered by pet cats or nibbling mice.

shrills and bleats

croak of frogs


There is a sense of impending danger and darkness.