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What words and phrases help create this mood?


brent m #194473
Aug 05, 2011 7:07 PM

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What words and phrases help create this mood?


They made their beds on sand, and as the blaze dropped from the fire the sphere of light grew smaller; the curlingbranches disappeared and only a faint glimmer showed where the tree trunks were. From the darkness Lennie called, "George-you asleep?" "No. Whatta you want?" "Let's have different color rabbits, George." "Sure we will," George said sleepily. "Red and blue and green rabbits, Lennie. Millions of 'em."

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tracey l #96417
Aug 06, 2011 12:03 AM

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There is a symbolic meaning in George and Lennie's beds being on sand. They have no steady foundation which is part of their undoing. George and Lennie's conversation shows the close relationship that they have asa they share the dream of the ranch.

There is also the atmosphere of unreality about their dream as George agrees to the millios of coloured rabbits. It is as if the dream is already only a bedtime story as far as George is concerned, even at this early point in the novel.

Source(s): 'Of Mice and Men' - J Steinbeck


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