Of Mice and Men

of mice and men

from chapter five choose  Character and write a diary entryContrast the way George speaks when he disciplines Lennie and the reasons for which George disciplines him.  Compare the relationship between George and Lennie with the relationship between Candy and his dog.  

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Hi, sorry we can't do assignments on this short forum. If you have any specific questions on the book, I would love to help. 

please help me with the diary one, ASLAN....i need to submit this tomorrow ....at least give some ideas...i would really appreciate that

You will need to examine George's vernacular (choice of words and the way his speaks). Then take on his voice (personality) and experiment a little. Here is an example I thought of: "Lennie we ain't got time fer foolin around god, sometimes Lennie you make me wanna smack you good". Good Luck!