Of Mice and Men

Last phrase in the book

Hi, and like to know what that last phrase in the book means. (It's for school)

'Curley and Carlson looked after them. And Carlson said, "Now what the hell ya supposed is eatin' them too guys?"'

Would be nice..thanks!

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Its shows how Carlson does not understant the compassion that George and Slim have, and how to them Lenny was just an annoyance.

edit- respond if you need more in depth stuff

Hi, my name is Jeni, I am new here and am reading this book for school and I need help. I have effects and a causes from the story and I have to connect them to make them fit. So one of the are when it says that "lennie is angry and sorry about the puppy"? that is the effect and i dont understand what the cause would be?

I think the cause is : that the dog died (be cause the effect of the dog dying is him being sad and angry about it)

Hi i was wondering if there was a moral to the story? And i have a question in my text that says how does stienbeck show a harsh and cruel world

I think the cause was the fact that the dog bit Lennie so Lennie ends up killing him and the effect of that was that fact that Lennie become angry and sorry becouse he feared that George would not allow him to care for the rabbits and felt sorry that he no longer had a pup.

Stienback show a harsh and cruel world in many ways with in the store one is how they treat Candy's dog a nother way is how miss understood Lennie is by every one around him ( the inncident in weed ) There is also they way that they black man treated and talk about ... those are just a few .... let me know if you need more details.

the dog died and it was just too sad and lol and sos and yah okay bye esparnaxa and rebecca and megannnn m and jeni and derek olo