Of Mice and Men

i need serious help with my essay. Mice and Men

My essay is worth 100 pts and will help me with my grade alot. I have a F. So please help me.

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What is your essay supposed to be about?

its a essay about the killing of candys old dog and lennies death. I have to include similarities and differences between the two deaths I have to discuss the signifacance of the killing, also i have to include the concept of old age and worth,and the foreshadowing of lennies death. Hurry up its due tuesday the 18th.

Thank you who ever you are

Mark, you shout for others to hurry, but you were in no hurry to check back here for answers.

The dog's death foreshadows Lennie's.

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I like this book because it shows how American society was always meant to be. Survival of the fittest. Those who are weak and don't fit in/bad people are eliminated and as a result the human race becomes stronger. Natural selection fuels evolution. Would the world really be a better place if Lennie and Curley's wife lived long enough to reproduce (not with each other - but with anyone). Get rid of them I say and MOVE ON! And that smelly old dog. He had a good innings, right?

What r u on Tom? U sound like Brucie from GTA4. Take it easy with the horse juice and try to understand we don't live in caves anymore and we don't have to put down the weak down like lame animals. Back me up someone please! Where's the justice in Lennie dying? Like Slim said, he wasn't "a mean guy." To dump him in with Curley's wife is just wrong!

Hold up on Curley's wife a minute. U r all clearly boys in here who don't understand or even care about what it must be like for her. I feel sorry for both Lennie and Curley's wife. If u want justice, Curley's the one who should have been shot at the end.

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james, good point i'd say. There was no justice what so ever in Lennie's death. He had a mental disability. His fault...I think not! Curley too mind Paul! Curley was at fault, but he cannot be held at total fault for Lennie's death surely. In the end, wouldn;t you protect your loved one, no matter who killed them?

i assume you have read the book, maybe you should ask for help of a teacher/tutor/friend/family or related associate.

i assume you have read the book, maybe you should ask for help of a teacher/tutor/friend/family or related associate.

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Argue that Lennie's death is better than any life he could live now that he has killed Curley's wife. In choosing death for Lennie, George has done him a favor. Had he lived, he would be institutionalized (i.e. in a cage) or jailed (another cage). Otherwise, Curley would kill him out of hate. George relieves him of all his possible future pain.

i need help with my essay pleasee can someone help me i need help badly :(

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Can someone please help me, i have an essay due tomorrow for of mice and men.

Here's the prompt: In a well-organized, 4 paragraph essay, compare two characters from the novel of mice and men who share character traits.You can analyze any two of the following characters: George, Lennie, Slim, Candy, Candy's dog, Carlson, Crooks, Curley, or Curley's Wife.

Please i have know idea what to do

plese help me!

Symbol: George and Lennie's farm. In my opinion, this symbol is the most important to me because basically the whole book revolves around this symbol. Their dream is to one day own a ranch.

Page 1

Their "American Dream", in my opinion, is the most important symbol. This is the most important because the story revolves around this. George and Lennie have to run away and they find new jobs on a ranch. George and Lennie dream to be able to own a place of their own and be their own bosses.

Of Mice and Men is told in the point of view of a third person omniscient narrator. The type of person who would narrate a story like this would be someone who lives and works on the ranch. They would have to know everyone and what is going on throughout the story.

Pages 3-4

George- The most revealing scene for George is when he shoots Lennie. I mean, I know he had a reason to shoot him. But, that was still not okay, to me, to shoot him. Lennie was George's best friend.

Lennie- The most revealing scene for Lennie was definitely when he accidentally kills Curley's wife. In the barn, even if he tries to resist her hair, he touches her anyways. She starts to scream and then instantly in the matter of a few seconds, he breaks her neck. He kills her.

Curley- The most revealing scene for Curley was when him and Lennie got into a fight. He knew that Lennie was a little mentally challenged and would not fight him back. He intimidated Lennie to make him feel bad. But in the end, he got his fist crushed by Lennie anyways.

Slim-The most revealing scene for Slim was when he gave Lennie a puppy. He was actually being kind to Lennie. He also looked very generous to me, because he didn't tell anyone about Lennie having the puppy.

Crooks- The most revealing scene for Crooks was when Lennie goes into his bed. He seemed very nice and friendly about it. He can be a nice guy if people got to know him.

Candy- The most revealing scene for Candy was when Carlson told him about his dog. Candy didn't want to kill his dog. But when he heard the shot killing the dog, he wished he had done it himself, instead of someone else having to do it.

Curley's wife- The most revealing scene for Curley's wife was when she was in the barn with Lennie. She starts talking to him. Lennie wants to touch her soft hair and she lets him. Eventually, she wants him to stop. He doesn't and she starts yelling. Lennie doesn't know what to do so he tries to get her to stop by covering her mouth. He breaks her neck, killing her.

Page 6

Friendship- George & Lennie

Death- Curley's wife's death & Lennie's death

Unfulfilled Dreams- George & Lennie's dream to own their own Ranch

Strength vs. Weakness- Lennie's weakness of touching soft things.

Man's Cruelty to Man- Everyone else not liking Crooks because he was black.

Pages 7-8

In the book "Of Mice and Men", I have learned quite a few things. But out of all of the things, I have picked out three. They are friendship, messing up, and dreams. These three things are the most important to me.

First of all, friendship is the number one thing in my life. Friendship is shown between George and Lennie. They have a strong friendship. George took care of Lennie like his own brother. In the end, George ended up killing Lennie. He did this because he didn't want anyone else killing him in a violent manner.

The next things I have learned are messing up and having a dream. At first, Lennie messed up by touching the girl's dress. So, both of them had to flee. By dreams, I am talking about how both George and Lennie have a dream about owning their own ranch. Another person who had a dream was Curley's wife. Her dream was to become an actress in Hollywood. I've learned that not always do your dreams come true.

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