Of Mice and Men

i need help writing an essay about george and lennie's desires in the poem?

its in for tomorrow and i'm freaking out! i wrote a paragraph! please help!

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It's not a poem, it's a story. I can't do your essay for you but you need to consider that all they want is a place of their own to be together. THey want freedom company, they want to be loved. The main theme of this novella is loneliness and isolation. Your main argument and points should surround this theme. Good luck!

Why not mention the concept of American dream in this context? George and Lennie simply wanted to have a place of their own, but this goal happened to be inattainable. The same goes for teh American dream itself. Only a century ago after everyone could come and settle on America, even those who work hard have to be satisfied with only having a roof and regular meals, whereas real estate becomes a luxury.

I've found some more interesting info that could be included in your paper here http://goo.gl/biqT1. I hope it helps.